Monday, August 10, 2009

The Emperor of Mumbai

It has always been my belief that the activity in this blog will pick up the farther that we get from each other both in terms of distance and time. More members would join to rake up the memories of our college days. A blog according to me is a spontaneous flow of powerful emotions (The modern age equivalent of Wordsworth's Poetry). All that is needed is a small trigger that will start the rapture - like a small shake at the foundation of a stack of cards. This piece of mine hopefully serves the purpose of that trigger. Let the emotions tumble down.

Where is everybody? Here is what I know: A few people joined L&T with me - Gopu, Channa, Abru, Mukund and Vipan. Abru got choked up by the Mumbai traffic (LOL) and ran away to Mysore to do his favorite Switchgear Testing. The stupid fellows Gopu and Channa opted for Mumbai initially and then asked for Mysore. Poor fellows - got brainwashed by HR and after three days of battle finally settled in Bangalore Sales. All three are in Electrical Business Group. Mukund took the Railway Business Unit and I heard news that he got married. Man ... already settled! Vipan Kumar (Infamously known as Weapon Kumar during the orientation program) went to Faridabad which is quite close to his hometown Pathankot. After they all left, I reluctantly took up the crown as the Emperor of Mumbai.
I am in the Engineering & Construction Division of L&T situated at Powai. I handle the Electrical and Instrumentation aspects of Offshore Oil Platforms. I had gone to Mumbai Offshore (Bombay high) for a 15 day stint. Awesome experience.

Mumbai is one hell of a place for awesome experiences. I had tried quite a few - Trekking in the Sahyadris, Cycling on the roads, Overnight stargazing sessions, Social service activities and what not! I joined an astronomy club called Khagol Mandal. I had gone with them to view the eclipse at a place 450km from Mumbai, supposedly a rain shadow region on the eclipse belt. I have tried a lot of cuisines and eateries, right from the unhiegenic roadside chinese eateries to JW Marriott. A lot is left to be done though.
I had met up with Vaasu, Anupa and Melvin a couple of times on their Crompton Greaves endeavors. I had gone to Pune once and Warrier took me to an awesome underground Pub. Nothing much other than that. My recent Chennai visit proved futile in this regards thanks to wierd office timings and far away locations and wrong telephone numbers!
We got a 4500 crore project recently and it looks like I will be pretty busy in the coming weeks. I might even come down to Bangalore to coordinate with our design consultants there. By the way, me and Abru cleared the Management Trainee Scheme - a big plus regardless of whatever you plan to do.
It was really unfortunate that the NITC management mishandled the convocation and robbed of many their last chance to visit their alma mater. Why dont somebody blog on that? Why cant we all meet up sometime in the near future ... maybe at Bangalore or Mumbai when National Holidays and weekends provide a convenient opportunity. Is there a community for EEE NITC in Orkut/Yahoo?
Hoping to read you experiences soon :)